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Friday mornings every week I will be publishing this piece to end the week with a bang, but most importantly, provide relevant commentary that sparks deep thought to contemplate over the weekend. The subjects of focus will be all financial markets, behavior, consumerism, economics, culture, and Macro. At times, I will offer my own strategic view, however the key takeaways will based on an unbiased data driven analysis.

This is a calm space, so feel free to sit down with a hot cup of Coffee (my personal preference), Tea, or beverage of choice and enjoy. The content offered is my own perspective and interpretation of market strategy. This is not investment advice.

Currently, I am a Real Estate Capital Markets Associate, but two of my passions are writing and financial markets. The “Friday Reading” series began during October of 2022 and was predominately shared with friends and family. I want to offer these thoughts to a broader audience, which is what prompted me to begin this page with Substack. For the moment, the content offered will be free of charge, but the ability to “pledge support” is available. I am incredibly grateful and appreciate all donations at this time while I focus on developing my work, skills, and strategy. Thank you for your interest!

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Aaron David Garfinkel

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Thought provoking commentary focused on financial markets, behavior, consumerism, culture, and economics from Aaron David Garfinkel, Real Estate and Macro Analyst.


~Real Estate Capital Markets Associate~Independent Consultant and Third Party Macro Analyst~University of Florida Graduate~